Learning To Write Your Dissertation

dissertation graduation

You’ve come to that point in your time within academia that you need to start thinking about your dissertation research paper. You might not really know where to start, be unsure about certain stages during the process, or just want a little guidance on what best next step you should take.

Well, Dissta has been put together for you. I’ve spent a number of years writing dissertations on different courses, so you could say that I am uniquely experienced in the whole process of writing a research paper for a professor/supervisor.

What’s Covered on Dissta?

I’ve added a few different pages about the dissertation writing process from the very begiining when you are thinking about hypotheses, what subject to research about and then write your paper about, and how to look at the different stages of a dissertation and why the editing and revising parts are crucial to ensuring both your first and second markers will be able to see your arguments clearly and be able to award the best marks you are looking for.

Planning Your Dissertation

An important initial stage where you look at the different aspects of the whole research project. This time is important as you will need to plan what you will be doing and the actual time it is going to take you to complete all of the stages.

You’re going to be including times when you will be reviewing what stage you are up to with your professor, and any primiary research stages (should you be compelting these) should be included in this plan. Some people refer to it as a sketch, and you should think of it as the same thing.