Step 2 – Dissertation Research

When I am referring to the dissertation research stage of your dissertation, I am referring to the secondary research material that you will use to form the foundations of the actual dissertation research that you will be conducting.

Yes, you may be reading this and you will be wanting more information on a library-based dissertation, but, this isn’t what I’m going to be talking about, as this type of research process and dissertation paper I believe is much more complicated than the traditional empirically based one. This isn’t simply because you will be working harder or that you will be doing more things for it, just simply the chapters will form a number of literature review chapter – generally thee – and will be the main part of your dissertation paper.

With a traditional empirically research dissertation project, that will have primary research within its data collection methods, it means that there are other ways for students to understand and build on their research project. If you choose to go down the rout of a library based one, then you will need to fully understand what a literature review is as you will be completing three in your dissertation.

If, however, you’re like the many students completing a dissertation research paper that will use primary data collection, which most if you will, then you will need to understand that you do need to collect data and information on theories etc from secondary sources. Your research here will help you in your literature review and also in the process of recognizing where you want to go in your dissertation project. You will want to identify at an early stage what topic you want to write about as this will help you with the secondary dissertation research process.

You won’t want to become confused at this point as it isn’t that hard to find sources for your dissertation, but it will be a little more difficult to identify the steps you need to take to include all of the relevant information and decide what sources you will choose to include in your dissertation research stage.

Some of the different sources you can include in your dissertation research can be:

  • Journal Articles
  • Books
  • Newspapers
  • Other Dissertations
  • White Papers
  • Working Papers
  • Internet Sources

You should be wary of using the last one in your dissertation, as these will need to be credible sites that are from recognized published sources – such as the government and academic institutions.
All of this information will help you towards making the dissertation research process of your work better and more developed.

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