Step 10 – Dissertation Revision and Editing

You will have completed your dissertation and will probably be proud of where you have reach and so you should, it will have been hard work and most probably one of the hardest things that you have done. However, the next step will be to look at a dissertation proofreading, editing and review of your research paper. You will want to make sure that everything you are submitting in your work is correct and that no errors are in it, and onlineĀ  services for your dissertation offer an important process for any student.

When you do review your dissertation for editing, proofreading and correction, you should make sure that you take some time off before you do this. Once you have finished the dissertation writing process, you will want to make sure that you have the ability to understand the different part where you have gone wrong and why you need to fix them.

You shouldn’t think of completing this as soon as you have finished the writing of your dissertation though. You should leave at least a few days and spend your time on other things that are not academically driven and that will give your brain a little rest – I actually went away for the weekend with my partner when I wanted to do this and not only did I feel better when I came back, but I also felt refreshed as I was relaxed and ready for the final stage before I had my dissertation research project submitted.

When you do come around to the final stage, you should think about the different parts very carefully – are all of the chapters in order and well presented; has a contents page been included and the rest of the other things in the appendices. This stage is not just looking at the content you have written, which is a very significant process, but also the process of checking you have included everything. You don’t want to come back to your home and find that you left a piece of your dissertation on the dining table that you can’t now include – that’s very frustrating trust me!

You will need to read every page and part of your dissertation, but should now read it from the point of view of a reader and ask yourself:

  • have I included everything?
  • are my arguments valid?
  • does my content flow from one chapter to the next (do I signpost)?
  • are all of the relevant parts included?
  • can my dissertation be read easily?

There will also be a number of other things that you will need to think about when editing and reviewing your dissertation, and you should think very clearly about the things that could happen if you don’t get this stage right.




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