Step 10 – Dissertation Revision and Editing

You will have completed your dissertation and will probably be proud of where you have reach and so you should, it will have been hard work and most probably one of the hardest things that you have done. However, the next step will be to look at a dissertation proofreading, editing and review of your research paper. You will want to make sure that everything you are submitting in your work is correct and that no errors are in it, and onlineĀ  services for your dissertation offer an important process for any student.

When you do review your dissertation for editing, proofreading and correction, you should make sure that you take some time off before you do this. Once you have finished the dissertation writing process, you will want to make sure that you have the ability to understand the different part where you have gone wrong and why you need to fix them.
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Dissertation Conclusion and Recommendations

The final stage and chapter in your dissertation research paper is the conclusion and this is where you’re most likely going to be making recommendations, whether these be for future research, a government body or a corporations.

These recommendations probably won’t form an additional chapter in your research paper as they come after concluding summary.


Key parts of the chapter

The key area here is to understand that this chapter concludes (ends) your dissertation. You aren’t offering conclusions here, as these are already provided to the reader throughout the other various chapters in your work.

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Step 4 – Scheduling Your Dissertation Work

You will need to be clear about your dissertation and how you will go about the different parts. You want to be clear that you will complete all of the necessary and different tasks that you have, but you really don’t want to be confused about what you need to do and when as this just won’t help you.

If you have a clear deadline of what you want to have completed each week, and even each month, then you will be able to plan your time better and hopefully result in a better planned and executed dissertation paper. Having this schedule in front of you all of the time will remind you of what you need to do and if you are not doing it, then why you need to do it.
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Step 3 – Dissertation Proposal

When you are on a degree course and completing your dissertation, you will most likely need to complete a dissertation proposal, I’m going to out line a few important points, but if you do want further information on a dissertation proposal, then you should find some more on a number of websites.

When you are looking to write a dissertation proposal for your dissertation research paper, you should look at the different parts of the work that you will be conducting. Mostly, a dissertation proposal will be used on a doctoral dissertation thesis, but they are becoming more commonly used when a masters degree student completes their dissertation and when an undergraduate completes their dissertation research paper.
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Step 2 – Dissertation Research

When I am referring to the dissertation research stage of your dissertation, I am referring to the secondary research material that you will use to form the foundations of the actual dissertation research that you will be conducting.

Yes, you may be reading this and you will be wanting more information on a library-based dissertation, but, this isn’t what I’m going to be talking about, as this type of research process and dissertation paper I believe is much more complicated than the traditional empirically based one. This isn’t simply because you will be working harder or that you will be doing more things for it, just simply the chapters will form a number of literature review chapter – generally thee – and will be the main part of your dissertation paper.
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Step 1 – Planning Your Dissertation

When you are looking at your dissertation research project, whether this is for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, you will need to understand that a dissertation is a rather lengthy process that requires you to put some planning into it. You will need to establish what you want to get out from the whole dissertation research experience, as this type of academic project will mean that you will have to work considerably hard.

You will want to plan the work ahead so that you will know what you will be doing and at what stage. I would continually forget about the different holidays that would occur during the final year of my degree and I would have to kick myself for not thinking that I would have to make sure my dissertation plan was flawless – this is something that you should do. If you feel as though someone else should look over it, then I would advise you to show it to your dissertation supervisor, so that they will be able to pass comment on it and advise you on whether there are points to improve.
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